Visit a Historic Theater in Twin Falls, ID

Learn about our long history of entertaining area residents

When you take in a show at The Orpheum Theatre in Twin Falls, ID, you're becoming a part of history. Our theater first opened its doors in 1921-nearly a century ago! Then called "The New Orpheum," it began as a venue for vaudeville acts, live music and "photo plays," what we now call movies. Since then, this historic theater has been through multiple owners and many renovations until reopening its doors for live performances in 2014.

Since 2014, we have worked to restore the theater to its original appearance. To see our continuing restoration efforts, drop by for a visit today.

3 major milestones in our history

3 major milestones in our history

Over the last century, The Orpheum Theatre has gone through several major renovations. These include:

  1. 1950s-the theater was "modernized" by Intermountain Amusement, painting over murals and the marble staircases and becoming a movie theater
  2. 1970s-the theater was purchased by Interstate Amusement, which changed the name to the "Mall Cinema," restored the staircases and renovated the exterior
  3. 2014-Larry and Stephanie Johnson and Ovation Performing Arts purchased the theater, now called The Orpheum Theatre, and began extensive renovations to bring back live performances

We want you to experience and enjoy the new Orpheum Theatre. See a show at our historic theater to become a part of our story. Call now for more information.